Mark’s father, Dan  Jensen, gets his securities exchange license suspended from Wisconsin due to unethical business practices. (KN) read more

Nov, 1987

Mark’s father, Dan Jensen, is terminated from brokerage firm Thompson McKinnon while being investigated by New York Stock Exchange after complaints from clients. (KN) read more

May, 1988

Custodians observe Mark’s father, Dan Jensen, entering Thompson McKinnon storage building wearing a hat and trench coat to steal his old records. He was also seen earlier stealing a key to the building from reception desk. (KN) read more

Oct 17, 1988

Mark’s father, Dan E. Jensen, is found guilty of burglary, theft, entering a locked building, and obstructing an officer. He is sentenced to 3 years probation. Judge David Bastian states “Jensen perceives things that are not true” and seems to have “some sort of psychological problem.” Assistant DA Bruce Becker labels Jensen as “a con man who can look you in the eye and tell a big lie.” Jensen shows no remorse and believes to be a victim of a conspiracy. (KN) more here

March 13, 1990

After hearing victim impact statements from Mark and Julie’s sons and Julie’s brothers, judge Schroeder sentences Mark to Life in Prison with NO Parole. Prosecution states that justice is done. Craig Albee claims it was an unfair trial and will be appealed. Half of the jury shows up showing their support for Julie and her brothers and sons.

The following is a timeline of events leading up to and surrounding Julie’s death and court trial. These statements are either taken directly from the public criminal complaint (CC), the hearings of Wisconsin vs Mark Jensen, the Criminal Court Record, the reporting done by the Kenosha News (KN), and finally from the trial by jury (T). Many “first-hand knowledge” facts from family and witnesses are now being added since the trial is over. The owners of can not be held legally responsible for inaccuracies due to typos or mis-reporting.

Why Ten Years?

Julie Griffin graduates from Tremper High School in Kenosha, Wisconsin as a straight-A student.


Julie’s sister-in-law Jill Griffin stops by where Julie is volunteering at her son’s school asking her to go out for an afternoon. Julie tells her she can’t because Mark was keeping track of her mileage.

1994, 1995

Mark and Julie move to Lake Shore Drive in Carol Beach, Pleasant Prairie.


Mark Jensen graduates from Tremper.


Julie attends UW Oshkosh for nursing but does not finish degree.


April 14, 1984

Julie Griffin marries Mark Jensen. At the rehearsal dinner, Julie’s mother goes into convulsions from alcohol withdrawal, as she was attempting to stop drinking for her daughter’s wedding.

Julie gives birth to 1st son David. She takes a leave of her job to stay home with him. David was a very colicky baby but Mark refused to help care for him, yet still insisted Julie keep the household spotless and meals on time. Later, Julie informs her brother Paul that Mark had never wanted any kids, which is why he insist that Julie do all the work. She is often exhausted. He even refuses to limit his smoking around the baby.

Jan 21, 1990

Perry Tarica testifies he worked with Julie in 1990 and formed a friendship with her. He said Julie told him Mark was weird and strange and never spent any time with their son David. He admits to a one weekend affair. Soon after Mark found out (by secretly recording her phone conversations), Julie contacted him saying it was over and she was going to work on her difficult marriage. Perry says Julie was a great mother who never said a vulgar or unkind word out of her mouth. more here (T)


Julie sees Paul DeFazio and is treated for mild depression. She professes she has an unhappy marriage and Mark had no interest in their newborn baby and didn’t help with any parenting responsibilities. Mark claims she was too involved with their child. She compromises by returning to work part-time, yet has a two hour commute per day to Chicago while a 9 month old baby is waiting for her! DeFazio describes Mark as introverted and emotionally stoic, unequipped and overwhelmed by fatherhood. (T)

June 1990 - June 1991

Mark and Julie sell their extra lots to neighbor Ted Wojt in order to help Mark’s father financially. Julie is embarrassed by and ashamed of the Jensen’s high-profile criminal activities.

1990, 1991

Julie files for divorce, but later cancels it.

June, 1991


After becoming aware of the affair, Paul Griffin testifies Julie told him that Mark had never wanted any kids and he threatened that if she follow thru with the divorce, she “would never see David again.” (T)

Julie’s mother is hospitalized after a near drowning accident. She seems to recover but then goes downhill fast. Mark refuses to let her leave to Florida because he is incapable of taking care of their son alone. He finally succumbs but Julie does not see her mother who dies.

Sept, 1991

Neighbor Ted Wojt testifies he saw Mark’s father, Dan Jensen, leaving Mark and Julie’s house in a hurry while they were both out shopping. Later, police were at the house investigating a break-in where furniture was destroyed. He also noted Mark’s controlling behavior where he would make Julie wear a cordless phone even in her yard gardening so he could keep tabs on her. Also, when Mark came home from work, the whole family would immediately have to drop what they were doing for “daddy” time. Mark would also give Julie a list of chores he wanted done everyday besides the usual immaculate house, kids, groceries, and cooking. (T)


Mark systematically plants pornography in their yard, house, and car for Julie to find, claiming someone was breaking in to do it, and suggesting it was her ex-lover. Mark also prank-called their home and office. Julie and Mark even hire a private investigator and install video surveillance to catch the culprit. Officer Ron Kosman later declares he had 50 contacts with Julie during this time due to her concern that someone was one their property. Both the investigator and police later suspect Mark was doing it all along. This continues for 7 years. (KN)


Neighbor Ted Wojt testifies Mark made Julie, while pregnant with Douglas, rip apart an old porch and nail down new lumber as a contribution to the family because she had no job. She was having a tough time so Ted had some of his workers give her a hand. She wanted to impress Mark how much she did when he got home. (T)


Julie gives birth to 2nd son Douglas.

March 12, 1995

Ted Wojt testifies Mark was mad at Julie on several occasions where she did not want to go on vacation. Julie told him that Mark would normally just hire a sitter for the kids and want to stay out all night partying and going to strip clubs. (T)


Ted Wojt testifies Julie invited her father, who was dying of cancer, to stay with them for a week. Mark thru a fit and made her father get a hotel instead. (T)


Ted Wojt says Mark and Julie’s dog really liked her dad’s company and Julie kept talking about it after her dad left. Mark then had their dog killed.


Julie’s father passes away from cancer.

Jan 31, 1998

Crime lab recovers sexual emails between Mark and his mistress, Kelly LaBonte beginning on this date. (CC)

Sept 3, 1998

Kelly LaBonte marries Mark Greenman while sleeping with Mark Jensen. (T)

Sept, 1998

Laura Schoor testifies that Julie called her asking how to get more involved with David’s school. She mentions PTA and they set up weekly play dates every wednesday at each other’s house with her son Eric Schoor. (T)

Sept, 1998

The Jensen family doctor, Richard Borman testified that Julie came to her yearly checkup. He surmised she may have some mild depression. She weighed 123 lbs. (T)

Sept 21, 1998

At first silent, Kelly LaBonte later admits she and Mark started romantic relationship during October and November. (CC)

Oct, 1998

Crime lab recovers late night websites about Hotels and Mortens Restaurant in Chicago. (T)

Oct 12, 1998, 11:21 pm - 12:09 am

Crime lab recovers late night websites about Chicago guide called “The Street.” (T)

Oct 13, 1998, 11:16 pm

Crime lab recovers late night websites about Sprint coverage in St. Louis and Big Cedar Lodge room info. (T)

Oct 14, 1998, 9:40 pm - 10 pm

Crime lab recovers websites about Botulism poisoning. (T)

Oct 15, 1998, 6:07 pm

Crime lab recovers late websites about Mercury Fulminate explosives on Mark’s computer, including what items it takes to create them which includes a syringe. (T)

Oct 16, 1998, 4:10 pm

Crime lab recovers late night websites about Chicago guide called “The Street.” (T)

Oct 18, 1998, 10:28 pm

In an email between Mark and girlfriend Kelly LaBonte, Kelly states it would be a piece of cake taking on the “three of you” (Mark, Douglas, and David). Later Kelly says she feels llike punching her husband in the nose when her husband says he loves her. (T)

Oct 26, 1998

Inmate Aaron Dillard testifies Mark tried to poison Julie while he went away on a business trip to St. Louis. Mark said he’s lucky she didn’t die then because he didn’t have a good defense story and he blabbed what he intended on doing to Ed Klug. (T)

Nov 6 & 7, 1998

Edward Klug testifies that Mark told him how he was planning on murdering Julie and had looked up how to do it in an undetected way on the internet, over a late night drunken conversation at St. Louis business trip. (T)

Nov 6 & 7, 1998

Ed Lug coworker Stacey Bauer testifies that the day after their drunken conversation, Ed told her about Mark hating his wife and wanting her dead. (T)

Nov 7, 1998

Inmate Aaron Dillard testifies Mark returns home from St. Louis and Julie had thrown up all over the carpeting and just put towels over it because she was so sick. Mark then called carpet cleaners to clean up. (T)

Nov 7 & 8, 1998

Crime lab recovers late night websites about toxicology, physician-assisted suicide, chemical absorption, methanol ethanol, and nicotine on Mark’s computer. (T)

Nov 10, 1998, 12:41-1:15 am

Several weeks before her death, neighbor Ted Wojt testifies Mark threatened Julie that if she tried to leave him, he would make her seem like an unfit mother and she would never see the kids. Mark was pressuring her to see a doctor, put Douglas in childcare, and get a job. (T)

Nov, 1998

Two weeks before her death, Margaret Wojt testifies that she becomes aware of Julie’s marriage problems and Julie mentioned that Mark had been asking how she felt after her miscarriage and making a physical written note from her answer. (T)

Nov, 1998

Julie hosts a monthly book club with neighbors. She also attended a birthday party in late November with her son. They testify she showed no sign of depression or showed significant weight loss. Jurors see pictures of Julie verifying this. (T)

Nov, 1998

Several weeks before her death, Julie leaves two messages with police officer Ron Kosman about her suspicions. Her second message proclaims Mark is planning on killing her, yet she hopes that she is simply over-reacting and nothing comes of it. (T)

Nov, 1998

Prompted by husband David Nehring responding to Mark’s claims that Julie was sickly, depressed, and had lost so much weight she was unrecognizable, Sharon Nehring has lunch with Julie and reports she looked normal and seemed fine. (T)

Nov, 1998

Officer Ron Kosman stops by Julie’s residence after receiving her messages and asks her to leave the house if she was in fear for her life. She retrieves the film roll from the Wojts and gives it to police which were pictures she took of a list of things in Mark’s day planner and websites. (T)

Nov, 1998

Ted Wojt testifies that a policeman talks to Julie after developing the film and can’t make much sense of it as well as most of the pictures of the computer websites had high glare in the photos. Julie signals to Ted while walking away from the policeman that he probably thinks she’s crazy. (T)

Nov, 1998

Bradford Principle Joe Mangi testifies he interviewed Julie for a half hour applying for part-time secretary that she was over qualified for. She had office skills plus good with kids. (T)

Nov 20, 1998 am

Julie gives a letter and roll of film to neighbor Ted Wojt instructing them to give it to police in case of her unusual demise. (T)

Nov 21, 1998

Computer expert Martin Koch testifies internet history was purposely erased on Mark’s computer on this date. (T)

Nov 22, 1998

Julie confides in her Southport School teacher friend, Theresa DeFazio that she wants a divorce, but thinks Mark is planning on killing her, that she found a suspicious list of drugs in his day planner, and he’s always sneaking on the computer and turns it off when she enters the room. (KN) She also testifies that Mark threatened if she pursue divorce, he would take the kids and she would never see them again. (T)

Nov 25, 1998

Crime lab recovers late night websites about pricey fountain pens. (T)

Nov 26, 1998, 10:28 pm

Crime lab recovers early morning websites about antifreeze on Mark’s computer. (T)

Nov 29, 1998, 5:21 am

Computer expert Martin Koch testifies internet history was purposely erased on this date. (T)

Nov 29, 1998

At first after seeing Julie and Mark take a walk with Douglas and their dog, neighbors, the Wojts, talk with Julie after Mark leaves. She is scared, shaking, and in tears, not knowing for sure if Mark is planning on poisoning her food or drink or just playing mind-games with her in order to later say she was crazy. She says Mark openly leaves poisoning websites up for her to see and follows her around at night offereing her wine. She tells them she didn’t eat or hardly drink anything and did not think she might survive the weekend but tells them she had called the police. (T)

Nov 29, 1998

Neighbor Margaret Wojt testifies that against Julie’s wishes, Mark insists Douglas start full-time preschool (the week of Julie’s death). She says Julie told her Mark said he would kill her before getting a divorce. Julie also told her that she had an affair long ago because Mark did not love her anymore. (T)

Nov 30, 1998

Two days before her death, Margaret testifies she asked Julie if she thought Mark would really harm her and Julie answered “yes.” (T)

Dec 1, 1998

Mark convinces Julie to see family doctor Borman. She was visually upset and complained of bad marriage problems. He surmised she was not suicidal even though she mentioned she thought there was depression and alcoholism in her mother and mother’s father. She had lost 8 lbs and complained of loss of appetite, so he prescribed her with Paxil, gave her a month of samples, referred her for counseling, and wanted to see her back in two weeks. She was concerned that she be labeled crazy and loose custody of her kids. (T)

Dec 1, 1998

Aaron Dillard testifies after Julie and Mark came home from the doctor, Julie takes the prescribed Paxil and Benedryl and Lithium. She got loopy from the drugs, jumping on the bed, and then needed to lie down so Mark gives her juice mixed with antifreeze to drink. Mark goes online with Julie to research side effects of Paxil to help calm her down. Mark goes back to the doctor to get sleeping pills (Ambien) so she would sleep and feel at ease as she die. (T)

Dec 1, 1998

Dr. Mainland reports Mark’s description of Julie he told to Paul Griffin, that Julie was drunk and loopy late Tuesday night. (T)

Dec 1, 1998

Crime lab recovers many websites about antifreeze poisoning on Mark’s computer. (CC) (T)

Dec 2, 1998, 2:30 - 9:46 am

Aaron Dillard testifies Mark says the next day Julie was sick and throwing up, unable to keep any food down. David and Douglas were really concerned and wanted Mark to bring her to the hospital. (T)

Dec 2, 1998

Eric Schoor’s mother testifies David Jensen called her for a ride to school because his mom was sick. She thought it strange because normally Julie would call. (T)

Dec 2, 1998

David’s friend Eric Schoor testifies that David tells him he is really worried and concerned that his dad (Mark) is not taking his mother to the hospital. He imitates the sound of her heavy breathing. (T)

Dec 2, 1998

On the morning before Julie dies, Margaret Wojt noticed Mark leaving late for work and receives a phone call from Julie sounding strangely drunk telling them she was suprised her medication would affect her so much and that Mark was taking care of her, he was bringing the kids to school, and everything was okay. (T)

Dec 2, 1998, 1o am

Dr. Mainland reports Mark’s description of Julie told to Paul Griffin, that Julie was seen only out of bed one time all day to use the bathroom, and mostly sleeping, groggy, and out of it. (T)

Dec 2, 1998

Dr. Mainland testifies Mark called family Doctor Borman on his own accord, describing that Julie needed to sleep. Doctor Borman unlawfully gives Mark some Ambien samples without contacting Julie, and directs Mark to discontinue medication and take Julie to ER if any problems get worse. (T)

Dec 2, 1998, 1o am

Aaron Dillard testifies Mark said he then gave her more antifreeze with juice and Ambien in the evening so she would sleep and he would have no trouble. That evening, they are all laying on the bed with Julie and Mark promises the kids he will take her to the hospital if Julie is not feeling better by the time he gets home from work. (T)

Dec 2, 1998

Crime lab recovers many websites about antifreeze poisoning and unconsciousness and weak pulse on Mark’s computer. (CC) (T)

Dec 2, 1998, 7:30 pm - 11:18 pm

Dr. Mainland reports Mark’s description of Julie told to Paul Griffin, that Julie’s breathing turned raspy late Wednesday night. (T)

Dec 2, 1998 pm

Computer expert Martin Koch testifies internet history was purposely deleted on this date. (T)

Dec 2, 1998

Crime lab recovers at least 3 websites about ethylene glycol poisoning on Mark’s computer. (T)

Dec 3, 1998, 7:40 am

Dillard testifies that Mark said Julie could not get out of bed, so he takes the kids to school. (T)

Dec 3, 1998, am

Dr. Mainland reports Mark’s description of Julie told to Paul Griffin, that Julie’s breathing turned really bad on Thursday morning, that she could not move by herself and he propped her up so the kids could say goodbye before school. He then said he left her lying on her back and left. (T)

Dec 3, 1998

Bradford Principal Joe Mangi calls Julie to let her know she got the job. Mark answers the phone and says Julie is sleeping and says she’s going to be sleeping for a long time and laughs, making fun. Defense Albee foolishly argues it is not proven it was Mark who answered the phone. (T)

Dec 3, 1998, am

Dillard testifies that Mark came back from school after stopping by work and Julie’s breathing seemed improved. Mark then panicked and rolls Julie over and sits on her back while forcing her head into a pillow until she was dead. (T)

Dec 3, 1998

Computer expert Martin Koch testifies the internet history was purposely erased on this date. (T)

Dec 3, 1998

Dec 3, 1998, pm

Julie, age 40, is reported dead upon police arriving at their Carol Beach home, 9020 Lake Shore Drive, Pleasant Prairie. Police suspect poisoning by Mark because of Julie’s perfect health, the letter she left (given to police the next day), and neighbor’s testimony of how scared she was. Mark and his father tell family and neighbors that Julie died from a bad reaction to medication. (KN 3/23/02)

Kelly LaBonte testifies Mark calls her the day after Julie’s death. Mark had previously told her Julie was depressed and sickly. (T)

Dec 4, 1998

Neighbor Margaret Wojt comes home to her daughter crying hysterically and her husband Ted extremely upset. He yells at her saying “you didn’t want me to get involved, and now look what happened.” (T)

Dec 3, 1998

Police conduct search and seizure at Mark’s house, looking for traces of poisons in linenm premises and sink and shower drains. They also take his computer. (T)

Dec 3 & 4, 1998

The day after Julie’s death, neighbors Ted & Margaret Wojt see Mark and his father, Dan Jensen, giving each other a high-five in the driveway and celebrating happily. (T)

Dec 4, 1998

Eric Schoor testifies he told his mother about the conversation he had with David Jensen describing how his dad Mark would not take Julie to the hospital. (T)

Dec 4, 1998, am

The day after Julie’s death, Principal Joe Mangi talks with Bradford School Nurse, Dian Laboniwsky, being very upset by the phone call with Mark laughing. He contacts the authorities and finally talks with Det. Ratzberg. (T)

Dec 4, 1998

Dr. Chambliss performs autopsy on Julie’s body with Det. Ratzberg, Roger Johnson, and Barbara Rosman present. Det. Ratzberg then secures the Jensen residence and let’s Mark know he can reoccupy it. He then is handed Julie’s letter by Ted Wojt. (T)

Dec 4, 1998, 2:35 pm

The day after Julie’s death, someone proclaiming to be Mark’s sister, Laura Koster, calls the police in tears saying that she thinks Mark had something to do with Julie’s death. Since Laura denied saying this at the forfeiture hearing, judge does not allow questioning about it. (T)

Dec 4, 1998

Mark asks David Nehring if it is appropriate that he bring his mistress Kelly LaBonte to his wife’s wake & funeral, possibly saying she was an out-of-town friend.. (T)

Dec 4 or 5, 1998

Neighbors, the Wojts, testify they were interviewed by Detective Ratzberg for two hours, telling all the details they know. Later, however, they are surprised to see only a two page summary, and no mention of the high-five between Mark and his father. (T)

Dec, 1998

Mark holds open casket wake & funeral for Julie. Dr. Borman, who Mark blamed her death on, shows up proclaiming she should not have died from her common prescriptions. Many neighbors and Griffin family members and relatives are suspicious of Mark’s disingenuous behavior.(T)

Dec 6 & 7, 1998

Roger Johnson contacts Dr. Richard Borman to discuss autopsy. Borman was surprised no one had contacted him about Julie’s death. He had seen the obituary in Saturday's paper and then came to the wake on Sunday. (T)

Dec 7, 1998

Mark’s mistress, Kelly LaBonte, begins staying overnight at Mark’s house only days after Julie’s death. Neighbors see her leave at 6 am. (KN)

Dec, 1998

Coworkers Meredith Perez and Rosemary MacInnes testify they tried to postpone the company Christmas Party for Mark’s sake. But Mark insists they have the party and he had a good time drinking and laughing and flirting. (T)

Dec 11, 1998

On the Monday following Julie’s funeral, neighbors Margaret Wojt, Angela Martinelli, Ruth Vorwald, Carrie Ashley, Marion Pacetti, and Kim Shaw witness all of Julie’s belongings in the trash waiting for the garbage. Defense Albee stupidly argues no one knew what were in the trash bags when women’s coats, women’s shoes, crafting supplies and even sewing machines were clearly visible. (T)

Dec 14, 1998

On the night of Julie’s death, Paul Griffin shows up at Dan Jensen’s house and overhears Mark and his father in a loud heated argument about what not to tell the police.

Dec, 1998

At one point during the wake, Paul Griffin again walks in on an argument between Mark and his father, Dan Jensen, about answering police questions.

Dec 6 or 7, 1998

Mark’s mistress, Kelly LaBonte testifies to multiple ‘contacts’ with Mark the month Julie dies. (T)

Dec, 1998

Mark informs some neighbors he’s planning to have Julie’s remains cremated. (KN)

Dec, 1998

Wisconsin computer lab breaks protocol by turning on Jensen home computer without write-blocking it. Det. Ratzberg testifies he had made an appointment to have the computer searched and Brad Haller felt obligated to indulge. Martin Koch testifies only .03% of the 10GB hard drive was overwritten, becoming unrecoverable. (T)

Dec 17, 1998

Julie’s brother, Paul Griffin approaches police about his own suspicions surrounding Julie’s death, knowing her and Mark’s history together.

Jan, 1999

Kelly LaBonte claims she left her husband on an impulse. (T)

Jan 8, 1999

Eric Schoor testifies that he is introduced to Kelly as a friend from work. Some time later he accidentally catches Mark and Kelly intimate in the bedroom with Mark’s shirt off. Defense Albee stupidly suggests Mark could have just been changing. Eric disagrees. (T)

Jan, 1999

Kelly testifies she attended David’s birthday party along with Paul and Jill Griffin and claims she was introduced to them as Mark’s “friend.” (T)

Jan 21, 1999

Initial autopsy findings by Pathologist Michael Chambliss show inconclusive cause of Julie’s death. (KN)

Feb 4, 1999

Kenosha Medical Examiner Maureen Lavin continues with toxicology testing, eventually finding antifreeze crystals in Julie’s kidneys. (CC)

Jan, 1999

Mark’s mistress, Kelly LaBonte opens PO Box in Kenosha, WI. (T)

Feb, 1999

Forensics Lab Toxicologist Christopher Long finds traces of  ethylene glycol in Julie’s blood, a concentrate of it in urine, and an undigested dose of it in her stomach. (CC)

Feb, 1999

Dr. Long concludes Julie’s death due to multiple doses of ethylene glycol, a homicide, that due to the crystallization in her kidneys, she would have been too weak to take the dosage in her stomach by herself, let alone hide the evidence or not spill (no traces found). He describes the first dosage was at least 12 hours before the final stomach dosage. (CC)

Feb, 1999

Mark’s mistress, Kelly LaBonte moves to Kenosha WI and rents an apartment. (T)

March, 1999

Mark pays mistress Kelly LaBonte $12,000. (T)

Mar, 1999

Mark is questioned by Det. Raztberg while being videotaped. After changing his story several times, he concludes Julie’s death was assisted suicide. Mark also admits to planting some of the harassing pictures but lies about having a sexual relationship before Julie’s death with mistress Kelly LaBonte. At first, Mark seems agreeable to a polygraph test, then later says, “but...”

Apr 21, 1999

A lawyer representing Mark Jensen calls in to Det. Ratzberg the next day announcing Mark will not speak to them again. (So much for setting up that polygraph.) The judge didn’t allow questions about polygraphs because they are not admissible in WI courts. (T)

Apr 22, 1999

Police place GPS transmitter on Mark’s car. (T)

Apr, 1999

Julie’s brother, Paul Griffin, returns to police and learns of ongoing murder investigation. The Griffins first learns of Julie’s cries for help. The police give Paul recording equipment to record all Mark’s phone calls to his house. Mark calls often and spends long conversations talking about nothing.

Apr 29, 1999

Mark moves into more expensive home in Kenosha. (T)

Sept, 1999

Kelly LaBonte moves in with Mark. (T)

Nov, 1999

Mark announces engagement to girlfriend Kelly LaBonte. (KN)

Jan, 2002

Dr. Maureen Lavin finalizes official autopsy report stating that Julie dies as a result of ethylene glycol poisoning. (KN)

Mar 19, 2002

Criminal Complaint with $500,000 warrant is filed.

Mar 19, 2002

State charges Mark, age 42, with first-degree intentional homicide of wife, Julie. Mark is arrested.

Mar 20, 2002

Det. Ratzberg takes two computer’s from Mark’s office and  a computer from Kelly LaBonte. (T)

Mar, 2002

Mark is again questioned by police while being videotaped.

Mar, 2002

Prelim. hearing is rescheduled by defense request.

Mar 27, 2002

Ed Klug coworker Quinn Yorton testifies 1-2 weeks after Mark is arrested, Ed Klug tells him of the drunken conversation he had with Mark about killing wives. Two weeks later Ed calls him again asking if going to the DA is the right thing to do. (T)

Mar, 2002

Mark sells his house and his father and sister loan him money, and Mark is free on $500,000 bail bond. He then starts Jensen Construction Group with his father.

Apr 22, 2002

Mark moves to a higher valued property located at 1228 40th Avenue. (KN)

Apr, 2002

Witnesses testify in prelim. hearing about Julie’s letter and statements. Mark’s girlfriend, Kelly LaBonte pleads the 5th.

Apr 23, 2002

Mark’s mistress, Kelly LaBonte first refuses to testify, then later tells police she knew nothing of Julie’s death. (CC)

May, 2002

Mark remarries with mistress, Kelly LaBonte. (KN)

May 3, 2002

Prelim. hearing continues as witnesses testify in court about Julie’s letter and statements.

May 8, 2002

Kenosha Medical Examiner Lavin files court petition to change Julie’s death certificate from “pending” to homicide by ethylene glycol poisoning. (KN)

June, 2002

Mark enters plea of not guilty.

June 19, 2002

Mark’s senior lawyer, Stephen Glynn files motions to disallow Julie’s letter, statements to friends, Mark’s police questioning, and recorded telephone conversations as evidence, claiming they are hearsay and harassments. (KN)

Aug 14, 2002

Mark’s Bail is lowered from $500,000 to $350,000. State is granted week extension for briefs.

Sept 13, 2002

Mark and new wife, Kelly LaBonte, give birth to baby, Andrew.


Mark’s lawyer files motions to not allow scientific evidence and expert witnesses in trial, as well as continuance for trial date.

Oct 3, 2002

Motion hearing. Defense must provide list of disputable items.

Oct 3, 2002

Motion hearing. Testimony by Policeman Paul Ratzburg. Exhibit 3 is withdrawn from public.

Oct 21, 2002

Motion hearing. Testimony by Policeman Paul Ratzburg cont.

Nov 19, 2002

Motion hearing. Trial date set for 7/28/03. Defense requests to review police officer’s records and know which statements of Mark’s videotaped session will be used in court.

Jan 9, 2003

Mark’s lawyer’s motions are denied.

Jan 21, 2003

Mark’s lawyers file motions for remand for a new preliminary hearing and to suppress Julie’s statements.

Mar 3, 2003

State to file reply by 6/6/03. Trial date is removed.

May 6, 2003

Motion hearing. Arguments are heard about Mark’s statements to police and Julie’s letter and statements. Judge Schroeder will allow statements and sets deadlines for briefs.

June 25, 2003

Motion hearing. Oral arguments continue on motions filed.

Oct 8, 2003

Trial is scheduled for 6/21/04.

Nov 25, 2003

Witness list deadline is extended.

Apr 23, 2004

Mark’s lawyer asks judge Schroeder to reconsider ruling of allowing statements.

May 24, 2004

Court hears arguments about allowing statements.

June 2, 2004

Kenosha Judge Bruce Schroeder decides not to allow Julie’s letter and statements as evidence because of a recent Supreme Court ruling that states defendants have the right to face their accusers. (Crawford vs Washington) (KN)

June 7, 2004

Mark is allowed to just report in once a week. (KN)

June 21, 2004

Prosecution appeals Schroeder’s refusal to allow Julie’s letter and statements. (KN)

Sept 17, 2004

Defense cross appeals Schroeder’s decision. (KN)

Oct 18, 2004

Both appeals bypass Wisconsin Court of Appeals and sent to State Supreme Court. (KN)

July 29, 2005

Wisconsin State Supreme Court hears arguments on allowing Julie’s letter and conversations as evidence with jury. The argument for is one’s right to face and cross examine one’s accusers is forfeited if that individual had something to do with the accuser’s demise. (KN)

Jan 11, 2006

Supreme Court allow lawyers to submit more information about testimonial and non-testimonial statements, the legal issue at the heart of whether jurors should hear Julie’s letter or her conversations. (KN)

June 28, 2006

State Supreme Court decides Julie’s Letter and Statement to the Police are allowed in court only if Mark is found to have something to do with her death determined by pre-trial forfeiture hearing. (KN)

Feb 23, 2007

Mark’s Bail is lowered from $350,000 to $300,000 in order to pay for legal fees. (KN)

Feb 28, 2007

New DA Robert Zapf appoints Bob Jambois back on case as special prosecutor. (KN)

Mar 15, 2007

Mark’s defense attorney files motion to disallow special prosecutor Jambois from representing the state, claiming his appointment is illegal.

Mar, 2007

Judge Schroeder decides Jambois can stay on case as special prosecutor. (KN)

April 18, 2007

Pre-Forfeiture Hearing testimony from neighbor Ted Wojt who said Julie went from suspicion to being terrified that Mark was researching ways to murder her and constantly offering her drinks. video here

July 5, 2007

Pre-Forfeiture Hearing testimony from neighbor Margaret Wojt who said Julie told of her marriage problems and called the day before she died sounding drunk. Margaret also saw Mark and his Dad doing a high five in the driveway the day after Julie’s death as well as Mark throwing out all Julie’s belongings one week after. video here

July 5, 2007

Monday Forfeiture Hearing testimony from co-worker Edward Klug who said Mark was drinking with him and told him he was planning on murdering Julie. Neighbor Ruth Vorwald said Mark’s answers about Julie’s death seemed emotionless and rehearsed. Mark’s sister Laura Koster denied she called police telling them Mark had murdered Julie. By end of day Mark’s bail was increased to $1.2 Million due to flight risk and he was lead out of courtroom in chains. videos here

July 30, 2007

Tuesday Forfeiture Hearing testimony from Mark’s current wife Kelly about their affair together which started three months before Julie’s death and four days after Kelly’s honeymoon. In emails, Kelly and Mark often discussed how they were stuck with their spouses and what they may do about it. Kelly claims Mark never mentioned murdering his wife and only talked about how she was sick and he needed to get her medicine. videos here

July 31, 2007

Wednesday Forfeiture Hearing testimony from Kenosha Medical Examiner Mary Mainland maintains Julie was murdered by ethylene glycol poisoning. Also, a childhood friend of Mark & Julie’s son David, testified that David told him the day of Julie’s death that his mom was very sick and breathing heavy and dad would not take her to the hospital. videos here

Aug 1, 2007

Thursday Forfeiture Hearing testimony from St. Louis toxicologist Chris Long supports that Julie was murdered by poisoning. He described her suffering as Julie being in jail - her mind was aware but her poisoned body stopped responding and functioning. videos here

Aug 2, 2007

Friday Forfeiture Hearing testimony from computer crimes analyst Rhonda Mitchell went over emails and internet websites and searches on Mark’s home computer which police seized. All of the computer use and poison websites were accessed when Mark was at home and never when he was gone on business trips at at work in the day. The internet history files were erased almost after every use but were recovered by the crimes lab. videos here

Aug 3, 2007

Inmate Aaron Dillard befriends Mark in Kenosha Jail because they both owned construction companies. after talking of the case with Mark in his jail cell on and off for 3 days, Mark finally explains how he suffocated Julie because the poison was taking too long. Mark also tells how he’s lucky Julie didn’t die the first time he poisoned her because he didn’t have his defense story straight and had a drunken conversation with Ed Klug about ways to kill his wife. (T)

mid Aug, 2007

Tuesday Forfeiture Hearing testimony finished up from Rhonda Mitchell over internet searches done on the Jensen home computer. The defense again requested change of venue, baring public from hearing, and jury from a county outside of Milwaukee News coverage area. videos here

Aug 28, 2007

Wednesday Forfeiture Hearing testimony from David Nehring, a former co-worker of Mark who explained Julie was a loving mother and had his wife double check when Mark told him Julie was depressed. His wife had lunch with Julie and confirmed she was not depressed and quite normal. Later Therese DeFazio, a teacher at David’s elementary school where Julie used to volunteer on a weekly basis, testified that she coaxed Julie to open up about her worried look and Julie said she thinks Mark was trying to kill her. videos here

Aug 29, 2007

Thursday Forfeiture Hearing testimony continued with Therese DeFazio explaining that Julie had a plan to get away while keeping the kids safe from Mark’s reach. She was solidifying a place to go somewhere in Illinois and didn’t feel Women’s Children’s Horizons or her own relatives were safe from Mark. She said Julie told her that she was only eating things she figured Mark could not have contaminated somehow. Also, Officer Ron Kosman finally suspected Mark after six years of harassment calls and letters and pictures left at Julie’s home and Mark’s office. Ron advised Julie to leave Mark after she expressed her concerns that Mark was planning on killing her. videos here

Aug 30, 2007

Thursday ended by Judge Schroeder quietly releasing his forfeiture ruling (15 minutes after the court had adjourned) declaring Julie’s statements and letter would be allowed into trial. Because he decided Mark has probable guilt of murdering Julie, Mark forfeits his constitutional right to face his accuser.

videos here

Aug 30, 2007

Judge rules evidence that Mark harassed Julie for six years is relevant to case. video here

Sept 14, 2007

Mark calls wife and parents from jail arranging money to be paid for Ed Klug to be “sat on” during trial. (T)

Sept, 2007

Inmate Aaron Dillard testifies that Mark Jensen confessed to suffocating Julie as well was arranging to have witness kidnapped. Judge delays trial until January 2008. (KN) video here

Oct 4, 2007

Upon seeing crime scene photos, Dr. Chambliss declares cause of death to be asphyxiation by smothering due to previously unexplained throat bruising and petechiae in upper chest with ethylene glycol poisoning as a contributing factor. (T) videos here

Jan 7, 2008

Rainy 50 degree weather sprouts a tornado warning forcing the court building occupants to take shelter in the basement for an hour. Tornados touch down in Illinois and Kenosha, destroying many properties. videos here

Jan 7, 2008

Witness testimony continues with paramedic Dave Wilkinson, document expert Lane Lewis, and work associate Ed Klug. Jurors silently read a large blow-up of Julie’s letter. This date just happens to coincide with Julie’s late mother’s birthday! videos here

Jan 8, 2008

Ed Klug continues testimony. For second time, Judge denies defense motion to strike smothering testimony from Dr. Chambliss. Testimony continues from Mark’s co-workers Ed Klug, JoAnne Klug, Cheryl Knight, Ron Wruck, and David and Sharon Nehring. video here

Jan 9, 2008

Testimony from David Nehring continues and next, teacher friend Therese DeFazio takes the stand. (T) video here

Jan 10, 2008

Computer analyst Rhonda Mitchell testifies most computer usage linked to Mark. (T) video here

Jan 11, 2008

Testimony from jail inmate David Thompson stating Mark planned to pay money for Ed Klug to be kidnapped during trial. (T) videos here

Jan 14, 2008

Testimony from Julie’s neighbors that she showed no depression and no significant weight change for years, including the weeks before her death. (T) more here

Jan 14, 2008

Testimony from computer analyst Rhonda Mitchell continues. (T)

Jan 15, 2008

John Zielsdorph testifies how phone calls are recorded from jail. (T)

Jan 16, 2008

The jury listens to recorded phone conversations made in September 2007 from Mark to his new wife Kelly and his parents Dan & Florence Jensen about arranging money to be paid to David Thompson’s fiance Kim for having Ed Klug “sat on” during trial. Mark also talks with his mother about doing paid talk-show interviews and getting a million dollar book deal and everyone relaxing and having some fun after the end of the trial. Although unsure of the reason for the money transfer, Florence tells Mark she will do absolutely anything they need done. She then proclaims herself to be the best damn computer researcher around. (T) video here

Jan 16, 2008

Judge denies Defense Albee’s attempt to bar jury from hearing Mark’s mom saying she would help in any way doing anything. Albee gets his wrist slapped for loudly repeating same objection. Albee says in arguments without jury present that “these people (prosecution) have ruined Mark’s life!” (T)

Jan 16, 2008

Toxicologist Chris Long testifies this is a case of multiple doses of ethylene glycol poisoning because crystals of poison were found in Julie’s liver tissues yet undigested poison was found in her stomach, as well as she had a low concentration of it in her blood. These facts are inconsistent with suicide. (T)

Jan 16, 2008

Defense Craig Albee attempts to discredit Dr. Long’s reputation stating a case which occurred nearly 20 years ago involving a baby with a rare genetic disorder. (T)

Jan 17, 2008

Julie’s neighbor Tadeusz (Ted) Wojt knew Julie for years and talked with her almost daily the last six weeks of her life. He did not notice any change in her demeanor or physical appearance but noticed she was feeling down. He did notice a big change in Mark’s personality after he started a new job, as well as three weeks before Julie’s death as Mark would completely ignore him even walking within feet of each other. Julie told him her and Mark were arguing daily and she suspected he was seeing another woman because of the frequency Mark would stay away overnight supposedly in Chicago, an hour away. Julie saw suspicious sticky notes and websites on Mark’s computer and took Ted’s suggestion of taking pictures of it and giving it to the police. Julie also put a sealed letter in Ted’s pocket with instructions to deliver to police in case something happened. Mark threatened Julie by saying he would tell doctor’s she was an unfit mother and she would never see the kids again. The day of her death, Ted noticed Mark was home when he was usually at work. Defense Albee attempts to bar jury from hearing examples of Ted Wojt’s testimony of Mark’s controlling behaviors. (T) videos here

Jan 17, 2008

Julie’s next-door neighbor Malgorzata Wojt knew Julie for five years and considered her of trustworthy character and a peson of judgement as well as a great mother. They often exchanged recipes together. Two weeks before her death, she became more aware of Julie’s marriage problems. Margaret thought how strange it was that Mark would ask Julie how she felt after her miscarriage and write a physical note of it. Julie told her that Mark said that he would kill her before ever getting a divorce. Julie wanted to stay home with Douglas until he began kindergarden, but Mark insisted he go to daycare and she get a job. Douglas was already in part-time preschool but was switched to full-time the week of Julie’s death. On the Tuesday before her death, Margaret asked if she believed Mark would really in fact harm her and Julie answered “yes.”  (T) videos here

Jan 18, 2008

Jail inmate Aaron Dillard testifies after with Mark about the case over 3 days, Mark finally explains how he suffocated Julie because the poison was taking too long. Mark also tells how he’s lucky Julie didn’t die the first time he poisoned her because he didn’t have his defense story straight and had blabbed to Ed Klug. She just got really sick and threw up all over the whole house and didn’t clean it up so he had to get the carpets cleaned. (T) videos here

Jan 18, 2008

Inmate Aaron Dillard continues cross examination. Detective Paul Ratzburg testifies to recording two videos of Jensen house on the evening Julie died. (T)

Jan 22, 2008

Aaron Dillard’s attorney, Gretchen Rosenke, testifies how he explained fine details of Julie’s death. After the information was rechecked, they contacted DA to share the information. Albee motions for another mistrial. (T)

Jan 22, 2008

Mark’s new wife, Kelly (LaBonte) testifies that Mark and her started a sexual relationship in October. Emails back and forth support the claim, detailing sexual fetishes, possible plans for a Winstar Cruise, and what to do about their existing ‘details.’ Defense Albee declares mistrial for unfairness. (T) videos here

Jan 22, 2008

Kelly testifies that Mark asked her to detail all her previous lovers and what she did with them and what size and shape their male private parts were. The prosecution collects detailed notes that Mark took about these seventeen men. Kelly claims to forget when the conversation occurred, yet the crime lab has John Jock Joseph, one of her previous lovers, looked up on Mark’s computer in fall of 1998, in-between other poison sites. After saying she only remembers conversations in 2000, she admits 1998 might be possible. (T) videos here

Jan 23, 2008

Officer Lt. Daniel Reilly testifies Mark appeared upset on the phone when he showed up at the Jensen house at 4:30 pm on Dec 3rd, 1998. He helps Detective Ratzberg collect items at Jensen house. He only had 10 minute conversations with Mark. He thinks Lt. Hunter took the photos at the death scene. He remembers Roger Johnson was the medical examiner who took Julie’s body away. (T)

Jan 24, 2008

Officer Ron Kosman testifies Julie left messages for him stating her fears of Mark and he followed up with stopping by her house and getting her film developed. He had got to know Julie by investigating 7 years of harassment pornographic photos left at the Jensen premises, phone calls to their house, and a few break-ins into their house and Mark’s car. After putting traces on the Jensen’s phone several times, he finally suspected Mark was doing it to harass Julie. (T)

Jan 24, 2008

Perry Tarica testifies he worked with Julie in 1990 and formed a friendship with her. He said Julie told him Mark was weird and strange and never spent that much time with their son David. He admits to a one weekend affair he had with her when Mark was out of town. Soon after Mark found out about it, Julie contacted him saying it was over and she was going to work on her unhappy marriage. He never calls her again but sent a letter to Julie’s brother Paul to let her know he wasn’t doing any harassing things the police claimed. He says Julie was a great mother who never said a vulgar or unkind word ever out of her mouth. (T)

Jan 24, 2008

Again Dr. Chris Long testifies his toxicology is accurate showing multiple doses and antifreeze given to Julie over time which is consistent with homicide. Defense Albee tries to discredit him by his whiting out two numbers on a jury display in a case 20 years ago. Jambois goes over the charts that were simplified for the jury 20 years ago showing the scientific data didn’t change the accuracy of the science and in fact clarified it further by adding another number. Defense Craig Albee suggests that because the Kenosha Lab had no receipt of sending Julie’s samples that the St. Louis Lab who received the samples becomes null and void. Judge denies. (T)

Jan 25, 2008

Forensic pathologist Dr. Mainland labels Julie’s cause of death a homicide by ethylene glycol poisoning with possibility of forced asphyxiation. She testifies Aaron Dillard’s testimony true because he knows details that were not listed in any other source as well as his story fits the whole picture incorporating witnesses statements, science, and time table. She estimates Julie’s time of death to be close to 2:30 pm. (T)

Jan 25, 2008

Dr. Mainland continues to support Aaron Dillard’s claims of Mark’s confession to murder. Craig Albee continues to try to discredit them. Dr. Mainland admits depression could look the same as unhappiness and being distraught. The difference, she points out, is that Julie indicated fear, which is not consistent with suicide. (T)

Jan 28, 2008

David Jensens childhood friend, Eric Schoor, testifies that David told him his mother was really sick and breathing heavy and his dad would not bring her to the hospital. Eric then told his mother later about the conversation. Eric’s mother, Laura Schoor, testifies she knew Julie since their sons were in kindergarten while they also had weekly play dates together at each other’s house. She says Julie was great to kids. (T)

Jan 28, 2008

Bradford High School Principle, Joe Mangi, interviewed Julie during a half hour for a part-time secretary job that she as over qualified for. He called her back to offer her the job and Mark answered the phone saying she was sleeping and she’s going to be sleeping for a long time and laughed. After learning Julie died, he calls the authorities, being upset by the conversation. School Nurse Diane Laboniwsky verifies his conversation and says they knew of Julie’s death the very next day, remembering that Joe called Julie on the day of her death. (T)

Jan 28, 2008

Defense Albee continues grilling Dr. Mainland. None of the additional science or claims that she did not take Mark’s testimony into account convinces her the need to change her official pathological conclusion. Jambois counters with Dr. Mainland who says it is not unusual to disregard some of the story of a spouse who is on trial for murder. (T)

Jan 29, 2008

Mark’s coworkers in 1998, Meredith Perez and Rosemary MacInnes, testify that Mark did not come in to work on the day Julie died. Mark called Meredith that morning saying his wife was ill and he did not know what to do. She suggest he take Julie to the doctor or ER to which Mark had no response. Mark’s office had a Christmas party planned for Dec. 11th, which Mark insisted they not cancel. Rosemary testifies Mark had a good time drinking and laughing and receiving flirtatious attention. (T)

Jan 29, 2008

Ed Klug coworker Quinn Yorton testifies that two weeks after Mark was arrested, Ed told him of the drunken conversation where Mark talked about killing his wife. Two weeks after that, Ed called him back looking for reassurance that telling the DA was the correct thing to do. (T)

Jan 30, 2008

Jail mate Bernard Bush testifies that Mark talked with David Thompson about having Ed Klug kidnapped during the course of the trial. He remembers the figure was $100,000, $50,000 up front and $50,000 afterwards. Mark thru away one of the notes he was using to communicate to David after he was on a different cell block, which Bernard later retrieved. Kenosha public defender, Mike Gravely, testifies that no special deal was made for Bush to testify. (T)

Jan 30, 2008

Ed Klug coworker Stacey Bauer testifies that the day after their drunken conversation, Ed told her about Mark hating his wife and wanting her dead. (T)

Jan 30, 2008

Jury watches portion of videotaped interrogation of Mark that took place April 1999. Mark reads Julie’s letter for the first time. He lies about the sexual relationship he had with Kelly LaBonte before Julie’s death. He admits to placing some pictures for Julie to find during the 7 years of harassment, but denies originating them. (T)

Jan 31, 2008

Det. Ratzberg shows that most of the harassing complaints that Julie kept track of were Mark claiming pictures and calls were found at his office. Both Det Ratzberg and Officer Kosman finally suspected Mark for causing all the harassment due to when phone traces were set on the house, few if any calls came in. Also, none of the people at Mark’s office witnessed any mail or phone calls that Mark was complaining about. (T)

Jan 31, 2008

Det. Ratzberg explains Julie’s planner shown to the jury which includes kid’s school holidays and conference times, kid’s play dates at Kid’s Castle, baking activities for school events and parties, birthdays parties, family doctor and dentist appointments, kid programs on television, piano lessons and French club dates, animal medication times, Drake’s rides from KYF, job interviews, and Packer games. Julie was organizing and running all the family activities.The jury then is read some of the penis descriptions from Mark’s notes about Kelly LaBonte’s previous lovers. Defense Craig Albee asks for a mistrial again. (T)

Jan 31, 2008

Det. Ratzberg shows that most of the harassing complaints that Julie kept track of were Mark claiming pictures and calls were found at his office. Both Det Ratzberg and Officer Kosman finally suspected Mark for causing all the harassment due to when phone traces were set on the house, few if any calls came in. Also, none of the people at Mark’s office witnessed any mail or phone calls that Mark was complaining about. (T)

Feb 1, 2008

Defense Albee continues grilling Det. Ratzberg. He threatens Ratzberg with obstruction of justice because he cautioned a witness that he had received complaints about the defense private investigator. Ratzberg tells Jambois it is common for people confronted with crimes to interweave truth and lies. Mark told Ratzberg Julie used the computer for quicken once in a while but he always used the home computer for work. Only after confronted with the evidence of poison websites does Mark mention Julie used the home computer for the internet also. Albee claims Ratzberg got a false confession out of Mark from being bullied. (T)

Feb 4, 2008

Wisconsin Computer Crime Lab expert Martin Koch testifies about Mark’s 1998 computer and his 2002 work computer. He shows jury porno websites that Mark had on his home computer that focused on penis obsession including many gay websites as well as heterosexual sites. He then testifies that Mark’s work computer had at least 5,350 porno pictures most of which were penises organized in folders of small, medium, and large. Even though Mark denies leaving the harassing photos for Julie to find, Kosman and Ratzberg testified the pictures found were mainly of penises near a woman’s face. Mark admits writing “is his bigger than mine” on one of the photographs.(T)

Feb 5, 2008

Taken out-of-order, defense expert toxicologist Barry Rumak testifies Julie took a large suicidal dose of antifreeze and could easily get up and walk around the morning of her death, all the while ignoring the reports that Mark Jensen made to police and Paul Griffin stating that Julie could not move or get out of bed and was mainly sleeping or unconscious. He also claims antifreeze has a foul taste which is impossible to hide in drinks, despite the wealth of reports that say quite the opposite. He was very proud of the fact that the Zucker Brothers named actor Leslie Neilson after him in the movie Airplane. He agreed with everything in Chris Long’s report, besides the wording “large amount” which Dr. Long had already retracted, and the opinion the undigested antifreeze left in Julie’s stomach was from an additional dose. He criticized the lab report for showing unknown substances, but didn’t bother to test for them himself. He claimed he forgot how much he had been paid for working on the case from 2002, but said he would spend the most recent $7,100 to buy gifts for his grand children. (T)

Feb 5, 2008

Snow Day. Court cancelled.

Feb 6, 2008

Dr. Rumak finishes and computer expert Martin Koch continues. He confirms computer searches for poisons, poisoning symptoms, and also specifies on what dates the internet history was purposely deleted. (T)

Feb 7, 2008

Martin Koch continues to point out other computer uses for stock trading and internet searches for stock trading articles, restaurants and hotels in Chicago, Orbitz fishing supplies, Sprint coverage in St. Louis, Big Cedar Lodge info, fountain pen hospital, and suicide searches coupled with toxicology, poison chemicals, methanol ethanol, and nicotine. He testifies the mistake of the computer lab turning on computer on Dec 17th only changed .03% of a 10GB hard drive. (T)

Feb 8, 2008

Wisconsin State officially rests its case. Defense Craig Albee whines attempting to reinstate his previous motions for a mistrial. Judge denies. (T)

Feb 8, 2008

Defense witness psychologist Paul DeFazio testifies he treated Julie for depression in 1990. Initially he diagnosed her with a very mild depression called “Adult Situation Reaction with mixed features.” Later, he thinks her depression is slightly worse being in the middle of the scale. Her main complaint was wanting to stay home with her 9 month old baby instead of going back to work. She felt Mark had no interest in their baby and offered no help with the extra burden of children. DeFazio suggested she try samples of Prozac which she agreed made her feel better at first. After improving and never filling a Prozac prescription, she decided to cancel appointments and seek out marriage counseling with Mark. (T)

Feb 8, 2008

Paul DeFazio describes Mark as introverted and emotionally stoic, unequipped and overwhelmed by fatherhood. Although Mark agrees to coming in to meet with him to help their marriage, he ends up canceling many appointments and talks mainly about Julie as the problem. (T)

Feb 8, 2008

Defense witness Pastor Oechler testifies he knew the Griffins as neighbors and thought Julie’s father was strict and Julie’s mother was quiet and nice. He called the Griffins “dysfunctional” but could not recall a reason why. He married Mark and Julie in 1984. He urged them to see a marriage counselor in 1991. He spent the evening with Mark on the night of Julie’s death. He said Mark acted upset and appropriate at funeral. He did not know Mark and Kelly were sleeping together before Julie’s death or that Mark wanted to invite her to the funeral. He then married Mark and Kelly LaBonte in 2002. He had moved to Kenosha because Mark’s father, Dan Jensen, was on a church committee to find a new pastor. (T)

Feb 8, 2008

Mark’s sister Laura Koster testifies she became friends with Julie after they started dating. She said Julie was the smartest person she knew. She had Julie watch her son Drake from the time he was 2 months old until he was 3 years old. She said she thought of Julie as her big sister. (T)

Feb 8, 2008

The Jensen family doctor Dr. Richard Borman testified that Julie came to her yearly checkup on Sept 21, 1998. He surmised she may have some mild depression. She weighed 123 lbs. He then saw Julie on Dec 1, two days before her death. She was visually upset and complained of bad marriage problems. He surmised she was not suicidal even though she mentioned she thought there was some depression and alcoholism in her mother and mother’s father. She had lost 8 lbs and complained of loss of appetite, so he prescribed her Paxil, gave her a month of samples, referred her for counseling, and wanted to see her back in two weeks. She was concerned that she be labeled crazy and lose custody of her kids. Dr. Borman says that Julie would have been heavily sedated if she had 3 Ambien and Benadryl and Librium in her system within a two day period. (T)

Feb 11, 2008

Mark’s sister Laura Koster continues testifying that Julie ran the household finances on Quicken. She said Julie always looked up medications for family and children, as well as fun kid activities on the computer, although no internet kid activities or pediatric information was ever recovered by the computer crime lab. She said Julie showed her pictures of a list in Mark’s day planner and of a large syringe in Fall 98, being afraid Mark may be planning on killing her. Laura thought it strange that Julie showed it to her, but offered her refuge at her house. Laura said she never thought to call the police after Julie’s death even though her “best friend” Julie mentioned her suspicions weeks earlier. Laura never mentioned in the previous forfeiture hearing the new claims that Julie told her she anticipated getting sick from the doctor’s prescription and knew that someone else would have to pick up Drake from Karate lessons the following week. Laura and Todd refused to talk with the DA and Det. Ratzburg claiming they were simply waiting for a return phone call to reschedule, even though they had a lawyer contact the DA announcing they would no longer talk with the authorities. Laura also said she never knew of Mark’s affair with Kelly. (T)

Feb 11, 2008

Defense witnesses: Joan Wise testifies that as a secretary to Ed Klug, she thought he was an attention seeker and dishonest. She also said everyone in the office knew of Mark and Kelly’s affair because it was obvious. Deborah Tegal testifies Aaron Dillard is a liar and a con man. Lt Mark Hunter testifies he met Julie in ‘91 about hang-up harassment calls and confronted Perry Tarica about it. Because Perry didn’t tell him about a letter he sent to Julie’s brother, Lt. Hunter cited him a ticket. Inmate Frank Quintana testifies seeing Thompson hit Mark a few times, demand his commissary, and force him to make phone calls. Brad Montgomery testifies that Rhonda Mitchell called him to get a definition of 3rd party cookies, which she had already testified to. (T)

Feb 11, 2008

Paid defense expert Dr. Hertzel Spiro, a forensic psychologist, testifies Julie was suicidal and angry and possibly delusional. He also dramatically accused the prosecution of lies and rejected any “ninth hour” evidence, all the while oddly eyeballing the jury and seeking affirmation from the judge. (T)

Feb 12, 2008

Defense witness Daun Cooper testifies she spent drunken evening with Mark Jensen and Ed Klug but overheard no discussion of Mark’s intention to harm or kill Julie. At the time, she was friends with Kelly LaBonte but did not know about Kelly’s affair with Mark, and has since lost contact with her. (T)

Feb 13, 2008

Defense expert Dr. Scott Denton, a forensic pathologist, testifies he would label Julie’s death as undetermined. After hearing evidence of sexual emails between Mark and Kelly, detailed computer searches for poisons and pipe bombs the night Kelly suggested a deadline for Mark, Mark’s lies to police about his affair, Dr. Chambliss not having seen crime scene photos, Dr. Long having retracted mistakes in his report, private investigator had suspected Mark of harassing Julie, police and detective had suspected Mark of harassing Julie, Laura having told Julie “you don’t know what Mark is capable of,” and not having considered the half-life of EG in blood, Dr. Denton says his report would shift cause of death towards homicide rather than suicide. (T)  Following his testimony, Dr. Denton told the Griffin brothers that he was sorry for our loss of Julie and reiterated that he was not aware of all the information in the case. Craig Albee unethically did not give him all the facts of the case.

Feb 13, 2008

Defense witness Lori Brown testifies that Aaron Dilliard is a liar and a con man. The court orders Dr. Barry Rumack return to explain why he failed to mention $10,000 in fees he received early in the case. He claimed that he had forgotten, even though he had skirted the issue, and made light of what he would do with the money. In total, he collected $16,750 from working on this case. Dr. Borman provides follow-up testimony that Julie had called in some prescriptions of Zyban, Nicitrol, and Lybrium for Mark’s stomach problem, congestion cough, and smoking addiction. (T)

Feb 13, 2008

Rebuttal witnesses Margaret and Ted Wojt testify Julie had relayed to them Laura said “you don’t know what Mark is capable of.” Therese DeFazio also testifies Julie told her Laura had said, “Be very careful, you don’t know what Mark can do.”

Feb 14, 2008

Rebuttal witness private investigator and former police officer Dave Ellis testifies that he did surveillance of Mark’s car to catch the perpetrator who was leaving pornographic pictures. After catching no one and viewing the photographs police had, he told Julie none of the pictures were of her and was suspect of Mark’s behavior. He says there was nothing in the photos to identify either people or settings. (T)

Feb 14, 2008

Julie’s youngest brother Patrick Griffin testifies about his 16-year-old impulsive suicide attempt. None of the details previously told by Mark were accurate. He admitted his mother had suffered with alcoholism but was loving and supportive nonetheless.

Feb 14, 2008

Julie’s second youngest brother Paul Griffin testifies that Mark told him he went to Dr. Borman at noon on Dec. 2nd and Julie was sleeping both when he left and when he got back. She had vomited everything and couldn’t keep water down although she was thirsty. Mark said that on the morning of her death, she couldn’t sit up by herself and he had to prop her up to say hi to the kids. Paul also testifies that Mark said she could not speak at this point and just grunted. Mark then gave him Christmas presents that Julie had purchased for them and their kids. Paul says Julie told him years earlier that Mark didn’t even want kids. When she had filed for divorce, Mark threatened her by saying “you will never see David again.” (T)

Feb 14, 2008

Rebuttal witness Dr. Mary Mainland testifies it is not uncommon for unknowns to be in conclusive gas chromatograph reports. She cited cases where vitreous humor electrolytes appeared normal in acidotic patients who died of EG poisoning.  She then tastes antifreeze on the stand stating it indeed tastes sweet. She recounts that some people have died from as little as 30ml of EG. She said that if Julie had had an initial large suicidal dose on Dec. 1st, she would have been dead or in hospital before the 3rd, and EG would NOT have been found undigested in her stomach. Food, however, could have been in her stomach even from days previous due to excessive vomiting. She examined Julie’s liver under microscope and even though it appeared fatty, it technically was not, proving her metabolic rate was normal. She also insisted that most reliable medical sources state EG half-life to be 3-5 hours.

Feb 15, 2008

Feb 15, 2008

After hearing the evidence of the case, Judge Schroeder changes Julie’s letter from a “forfeiture confrontation exception” to a “dying declaration,” validating it as evidence commonly upheld by the US Supreme Court. Albee whines. Judge disagrees. (T)

Closing statements:

Jambois: Murder/Cover-up

Albee: Suicide/Frame-up

Albee then motions for yet another mistrial because Jambois criticizes the overstatement of “DNA evidence” by defense attorneys. (T)

Feb 18, 2008

Jury Deliberations - day 1

Feb 19, 2008

Jury Deliberations - day 2

Feb 20, 2008

Total lunar eclipse begins and 8:43 pm and lasts past midnight. The moon took on a dark orange-red tint. The next total lunar eclipse won’t occur until 2010 on December 21.

Feb 20, 2008

Jury Deliberations - day 3

At the end of the day, the jury returns a verdict of GUILTY. Mark is led away without incident. Albee declares the trial unfair and the verdict wrong. Jambois declares the trial just and that Mark committed the most heinous crime he has ever seen in trial. The jury speaks with the media and Griffin brothers until the court building closes.

Feb 21, 2008

Feb 27, 2008

Jury Selection lasts two days. (T) videos here

Jan 3, 2007

In another taped jail phone conversation, Mark tells his new wife Kelly that he doesn’t care about Julie’s sons, that he only cares about Andrew, the son he had with her.

Jan, 2008

Mark would no longer let Julie get a job and demand he always know where she is.


After Mark got a new job and wanted more money, he demand Julie get a job and put Douglas in full-time preschool.


On one occasion while David Nehring was helping Mark on the phone when he needed something out of his office, David stumbled across a notebook of Marks filled with drawings of penises.

1997, 1998

Neighbors say David and Douglas were immediately forced to call Kelly “mother” and only refer to Julie as “that woman we used to live with.”


Kelly files for divorce from Mark Jensen.

May, 2009

Mark’s new lawyers file appeal. (KN)

July, 2009

Kelly Jensen is granted as legal guardian of Mark & Julie’s youngest son. Julie’s brother is granted co-guardian of his estate to insure money is properly set up for his future.

April, 2008

Appellate Court supports conviction: “Instead, we assume that the disputed testimonial evidence was admitted; however, we deem its admission harmless beyond a reasonable doubt given the voluminous corroborating evidence, the duplicative untainted evidence, the nature of the defense, the nature of the State’s case, and the overall strength of the State's case. While this case is “exceptional,” it is so only because of the staggering weight of the untainted evidence and cumulatively sound evidence presented by the State to a jury of Mark Jensen’s peers leading it to convict Jensen beyond a reasonable doubt of murder in the first degree.”

Dec 29, 2010

Wisconsin State Supreme Court denies reviewing  Mark Jensen’s case.

June, 2011